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Smurfs' Village PC Version (Free Download)

Smurfs' Village For PC/Computer
Free Download!

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Are you playing smurfs' village on android? and want to play this game on your pc, windows xp, windows 7 or mac? Here's the details on how to play it for 
It’s up to you to build a new village for the Smurfs to call home.
PLEASE NOTE: Smurfs' Village is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content.
What’s new in 1.0.6a?
Complete the new quests given by Papa Smurf to unlock Dreamy Smurf, the ship and the new island. You must be level 19 or higher to access the island quests.

• Help the Smurfs build a Dam to expand the island starting at level 24!
• Lots of new decorations on the island including a tree swing, surf boards, flags, beach umbrellas and more.
• New quests in the village including a new quest chain for Jokey Smurf.
• Social Gifting added on the island with new and revised gifts for the village.


Gargamel found the Smurfs’ village and scattered the Smurfs far and wide. With Papa Smurf's guidance, it’s up to you to build a new village for the Smurfs to call home.

Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players begin the game with only a single mushroom house and a lone plowed plot of land. From there, things quickly progress, allowing players to build specialized houses, elaborate gardens with colorful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths, and more.

- Creativity is your only limit, build a complete Smurfs' village from scratch.
- Play with your favorite Smurfs including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Lazy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Handy Smurf and Jokey Smurf!
- Purchase Smurfberries via in-app purchase to speed up the growth of your crops and village.
- Play mini games like Greedy Smurf’s Baking Game and Papa Smurf’s Potion Mixing Game!
- Connect with friends through Facebook and send gifts to your friends' villages!
- Play offline... manage your village anytime without having to connect to the internet.

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